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How it Works


Example of Activity


A Client  is asked to build an area that represents for them a "safe area".


Props, such as poles, cones, hulla hoops, buckets, and other items are available for the constuction of the area.


The Client is then asked to bring in their safe area a couple of objects that help them feel safe ( horse blanket, chair, foam spaghetti, ...). Those objects are then labelled. The objects symbolised needs that the client has in their lives.


When this is done, the Client brings a horse into their "safe area".


What happens then is discussed. Metaphors are used to link what the Client is experiencing with the horse ( frustration, anxiety, satisfaction,...) with what the Client may at times feel in their daily lives.


This approach allows for skill building, assertiveness, problem-solving skills and other social skills to be practiced, developped or discovered.


The aim of any activity is for the Clients to become aware of their strengths and able to use them at their best potential in everyday situations.


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